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Sandia WildernessManzanos WildernessThe Wilderness of My Soul

(revised June 30, 2005)

In celebration of the Wilderness Act of 1964.

Another WildernessThistleSan Mateo Mountins

(August 2004 - 30 slides)

From our 5 day camping trip. See the pictures and read my journal.

And, from that trip, the Monticello Box.

A Rose by any other NameJohn and Miss KittyAround Albuquerque

(June 2004 - 21 slides)

Plus a couple from camping in Arizona.

Bosque del Apache (36 slides)

two sandhill cranes in flighttwo snow geese in flightThese photos are from two trips in 2003, half from January, half from December. We saw both the sunrise take-off and sunset return in January; the sunset return in December.

Valley of Fires and Three Rivers Petroglyphs (18 slides)

cool yin-yang glyphmy first wilderness of 2003In January 2003, I camped in the Valley of Fires campground -- awesome lava flows -- and in Three Rivers campground, Lincoln National Forest right on the edge of White Mountains Wilderness. I spent a few hours combing over the thousands of petroglyphs at 3 Rivers Petroglph State Park.

Zuni-Acoma Trail (16 slides)

 we three  under the bubble In January 2003, MR and I joined Jas. in a hike along the Zuni-Acoma Trail (ZAT), an ancient trail across El Malpais, an expanse of lava flows. The trail is about 7.5 miles long (one-way); we left a car at each end and hiked west to east, reaching the end just after dark. Historically, the ZAT joined Zuni (west) and Acoma (east) Pueblos

Chaco Canyon (86 slides)

 entrance to Chaco Canyon National Historic Park  the famous four aligned doorways in Pueblo Bonito Located in the Four Corners region, in northwestern New Mexico, in the middle of nowhere, Chaco Canyon was the center of the Anasazi world between 800 and 1250. There are massive, spectacular ruins set in a breathtaking landscape.

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